DJ Ceejay Biography


DJ CEEJAY – Biography

DJ Ceejay Biography

DJ Ceejay was born into a musical orientated family and her love for music started from a young age.  She started playing guitar with her father when she was around 8 years old. Most family events had live bands and her father was one helluva singer so it was only natural that DJ Ceejay’s love for music would one day develop in one way or another.

The Meet

Fast forward to 1999 where DJ Ceejay met DJ Theo, one of Cape Town’s top DJ’s at Club Escape in Table View, Cape Town. After becoming good friends, they started moving around in the same circle at the various clubs in Cape Town, allowing Ceejay to get familiar with the club and music scene.

The Debut

DJ Ceejay played her first short set at the legendary Club Baseline in long street Cape Town and then began playing back to back with DJ Theo in his RnB & Hip Hop sets, which was the genre she fell in love with. From there on she started learning the fine art of mixing four on the floor, which led her into the House and Trance music genre’s. She was soon ripping up the decks playing back to back sets at Club Rumours & Club Enigma.

The Music

Her knowledge of music, track selection and mixing art soon improved to club standard performance which gave her the opportunity to play sets amongst the “Big Boys” in the industry. She always kept an open mind and was ready to listen when experienced DJ’s gave her advice which she soon realised was adding to her talent. After proving herself in the “manly world” of Dj-ing and receiving praises from well respected fellow club deejays, DJ Ceejay soon earned a resident slot at Vacca Matta – Durbanville Cape Town SA.

At first she was resident in the clubs RnB & Hip Hop floor and then together with DJ Theo, DJ Rasho’s and various guest DJ’s, they ripped up the decks on the main floors. She was one of the lucky female DJ’s to have learnt from the best in the industry and was soon the only female DJ in the team. After completing her residency at Vacca Matta in 2008 she emigrated to the UK.

The Move

DJ Ceejay, together with her husband, DJ Theo co-founded the prestigious DJ Agency PRO DJ, first doing all the events for Queen Ethelburga’s and doing all the summer parties for Stafford House & Village Camps (Switzerland). PRO DJ was then taken online during the global pandemic in 2020 and the agency connected deejays from around the world and brought them together to one platform to bring you the best of HOUSE music.

In the beginning of 2022 it was time for DJ Ceejay to put her own stamp on her brand and created BEATZ IN MOTION, her channel gathered many followers and soon ranked very high on Mixcloud backed with a class act live stream and studio released DJ Mixes. After two years doing her final show on NYE under BEATZ IN MOTION she decided to permanently join forces with RECORDBOX OBSESSIONS – EUPHORIC IMAGINATION live streaming every Saturday from 5pm (UK) on DJ Ceejay has also taken to the studio to focus on producing Studio Quality DJ Mix Releases and doing collaborations with DJ Theo. She has decided to heavily focus on visual DJ Studio mixes for platforms such as Instagram, YouTube & TikTok and her live stream channels Mixcloud, Youtube & Twitch TV.

You can engage with DJ Ceejay on the following platforms or contact her directly via the contact form addressing DJ Ceejay in the subject line.