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DJ THEO – Biography

DJ Theo Biography - Recordbox Obsessions - United Kingdom

Born and raised on the diverse streets of Cape Town, South Africa, DJ Theo, started his musical journey at a very young age growing up in a family of musicians. By the age of 14 he was capable of playing multiple instruments and developed a passion for the finer art of sound after a visit to the recording studio.

The Meet

It was at this moment when DJ Theo knew he wanted to work in the music industry, after spending the next two years studying and working alongside very talented sound engineers he quickly excelled and it gave him a strong foundation for the next part of his plan.

The Debut

In 1987 his break came when DJ Theo was part of a sound engineering crew at an event where the opening set deejay was a no show, spotting the opportunity he stepped up to the plate and needless to say put on such a brilliant performance that he was offered his first residency.

The Music

After completing his studies in sound & lighting engineering he decided to dedicate his time to his DJ career and the club scene. Armed with the knowledge of the sound & lighting industry he soon gained the respect of a DJ that delivered a technically flawless set and had the advantage of getting the best out of any club sound system by utilising his engineering experience. Going on to proving himself in the industry covering every music genre on the dance scene, his experience, skill and versatility put him in the deejay line-up of most top clubs in SA. DJ Theo was selected as the supporting deejay for the 24 Seven and the Shaggy worldwide tour in South Africa. Adding to his profile he has performed at the legendary events such as, The Camel Experience, Fanta Phatt Jam and E TV’s Backstage Party’s.

He then went on to opening his own venue Club Rumours and was also the man behind the success of club Enigma. Also featuring regularly in top productions such as, Dockside Events, Back2Back and the Soundscape Beach Party’s. Let’s just say that he has featured in most of the top clubs in Cape Town. Going onto playing on Cape Town’s top radio stations, GoodHope FM and Radio 5FM he still remained on the club scene. With many years of experience he earned the reputation and respect of a deejay that you could book for most music genre venues and he would deliver top results with style. After completing his final four year residency at Vacca Matta SA ( Cape Town ) and a respectful 21 year service to the club scene in Cape Town, he immigrated to the United Kingdom.  

The Move

DJ Theo, together with his wife, DJ Ceejay co-founded the prestigious DJ Agency PRO DJ, first doing all the events for Queen Ethelburga’s and doing all the summer parties for Stafford House & Village Camps (Switzerland). PRO DJ went online during the global pandemic in 2020 and the agency connected deejays from around the world and brought them together to one platform to bring you the best of HOUSE music.  In the beginning of 2022 it was time for DJ Theo to put his own stamp on his music and created RECORDBOX OBSESSIONS – EUPHORIC IMAGINATION live streaming every Saturday from 5pm (UK) on DJ Theo has also taken to the studio to focus on producing Studio Quality DJ Mix Releases and House / Trance Music Production, this is where his passion really lies so expect some great content from him over the next few years.

DJ Theo is not a fan of social media unless music orientated, you can engage with him on the following platforms or contact him directly via the contact form addressing him in the subject line.